The fitout of 6 vintage Airstreams on top of a carpark in Melbournes CBD. Craned onto the roof the Airstreams were fitted out insitu to create a unique accommodation offer. Each suite accessed remotely via a smart phone app. the fitout is inspried by late 1970’s science-fiction films such as Logans Run and 2001: A Space Odyssey. The branding and identity was designed by self-titled 

The design intent being to create an experience with a stark contrast to the urban surroundings, a sharp sci fi aesthetic which works to showcase the unique internal structure of the airstream.
An all white interior with a pink translucent shower insertion which implies a separation between spaces. The use of LED lighting allowing for various levels of privacy by increasing / decreasing the translucency of the screen.
The split level floor unifies the space whilst creating a sleeping platform and sunken lounge. Minimising inbuilt joinery / furniture maintains a purity of the original Airstream Form, and provides flexibility in its functionality.

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