Room For London

Our proposal for a new project by Living Architecture and Artangel in association with the Southbank Centre and the London 2012 Festival inviting architects to propose designs for a room which will sit on top of the Queen Elizabeth Hall roof at the Southbank Centre in London and allows up to two guests at a time a chance to spend a unique night in an exemplary work of art and architecture overlooking the British capital.

The room we propose is visible due its spectacular location, yet rather than acting as a beacon,the quarters becomes apparent due to its muteness. The matt black felt of the exterior skin heightens this sense at night, where a faint glow from the interior hints at its occupancy to the rest of London. A black mysterious and dense form questions and intrigues. From within, soft timber lined spaces allow for contemplation and retreat whilst the panorama of London beyond is experienced in a series of fragmented views.

"The room will offer a place of temporary with drawl, a retreat from which guests can reflect on the problems and possibilities of an urban 21st Century life"