Room For Melbourne

Whilst increasing numbers of towers shoot skywards, Edwards Moore are focusing on the under-utilised sites lying dormant around the CBD as the location for a new kind of opportunity, the key to unlocking Melbourne's full potential as a global leader in urban planning and sustainable building practice. The future of Melbourne's iconic laneway culture expanded to emcompass its growth. a new hotel for Melbourne.

Whereas the typical hotel consists of a building comprised of reception rooms and corridors contained within a single building The 'room for Melbourne' hotel is a series of unique rooms scattered across vacant or redundant spaces within the fabric of the city. The reception is an online virtual platform accessed via smartphone.

"Imagine taking a bath in the middle of the city, up high on Lonsdale street inside a completely private glass room looking out over the Yarra watching the sun set over Melbourne .sipping on a pre-booked champagne cocktail. booked on a whim a few hours before via smartphone"