CSR Cemintel challenged three major architects across Australia including RAW Architects, Grieve Gillett SA & Edwards Moore. The challenge was similar to 9 Dots. The firms were asked to submit an innovative design addressing urban density. The design had to use Cemintel creative products in an effective & technically accurate design but also had to reflect a very strong & positive social agenda.

Our response

On a site in a hyperthetical suburb
synonymous with the traditional Australian dream of the detached house on a large block, we have designed a housing development responding to the dialogue of urban density and quality sustainable development.

Most houses are built are designed with the ídeal’ notion of the nuclear family in mind, something that current statistics must render unsustainable.Our proposal provides an
alternative to this, taking into account the realities of differing living demographics in our population.

The aim was to increase the density whilst providing adaptable residential accommodation which sets a benchmark for a sustainable high quality development.

Focusing on a quality of fabric, quality of use and quality of life. Through efficient planning a floor plate of significantly reduced scale maximises external aspect and private open space. Utilizing rhythm and pattern in order to create moments of contrast and difference.

Maximising open, connective spaces and access to natural light and cross ventilation. focusing on creating positive change in the urban environment through innovative
place-specific modern architecture.