The refurbishment of an existing office building to accommodate a progressive law firm, providing dynamic office space supportive of collaborative working, whilst maintaining privacy.

The design strategy was to empty the entire space, removing all existing partition walls and open up a previously concealed internal light-well, creating a primary circulation path along the length of the space. The aim to maximise 'surface area' between public and private spaces.

A secondary, more private, circulation route links the work areas -balancing the need for privacy with an open plan, connected space. The saw-toothed floor plan gives each workspace an orientation towards an external outlook and a defined public interface.

Maintaining this angled geometry throughout the space creates a contrast with the linear building footprint and increases the overall perception of the space. The use of semi-translucent fabric sliding screens defines the work spaces, maintaining connectivity and unifying the space.

Angled lighting further enhances the geometry and acts to back light the screens giving a clue to the activity behind.



Photographer: Fraser Marsden