The Stratosphere building, Parramatta.

One of the fastest growing regions in the nation, Parramatta's commercial and population growth requires an urban planning solution that not only supports the commercial growth and aspirations for the future of workplace design, but equally supports its critical role in the future development of the city centre and its support of public amenity.

Commercially the spaces support egalitarian not hierarchical spaces, and provision for state of the art shared facilities and communal spaces to further support the flexible net lettable floor areas. Socially, the provision for open spaces, both public and private, aims to support the open mind and future social development of the city centre.

The design aims to break down the current notion of the 'Tower' and instead creates a vertical extension to the city centre. By maximising permeability and connectivity across the entire structure, the building challenges the notion of the extruded floor plate in which tenants exist in isolation and the commonality of space is shared only through their external aspect / height.

The design blurs the line of the floor plates and in doing so creates an array of central communal spaces. Connected across several floors the buildings act as a single community, maximising the efficiencies of a single building whilst creating exciting and dynamic public/shared and unique commercial spaces.