Working with our friends at Electrolight we designed a concept for their new studio space. In further understanding the nature of their work and their creative studio environment we developed the idea and rationale of duality of light as a basis to generate the spatial choreography.

Light as both particle and wave, both objective and subjective. The sweeping curve of the plan radiates from a central light-well creating a focus to the linear space. It acts to define storage and work desk layout, adding a new geometry to the space and flexibility to function as an event and workshop space.

Light as both natural and artificial. Our aim to maximise natural light from the glazing fronting the street whilst also consideration of artificial light required- much of their work involves testing and calibration of light fittings.

Formal and informal areas are arranged at each end of the space, creating a non-hierarchical access to the external outlook.

The use of the 'Rebound Ace' sports flooring allowed for the space to be reconfigured to accommodate their in-house yoga studio. The radial pattern adds reference to photometric lighting diagrams and calibration synonymous with their practice.


Photographer: Fraser Marsden