Art Machine

We were commissioned to design an art making machine for Blank Gallery, Sydney for visitors to create their own unique artwork which can be displayed within the gallery space. Our proposal was inspired by the concept of paper chromatography - a method to test the purity of compounds. 16 bags of coloured liquids were suspended from the gallery ceiling linked by a series of clear tubes allowing each visitor to create their own unique mix of colour. 6 burettes with mixing taps at the front of the gallery allow the visitor to manipulate the mix and via the delivery pipette add a few drops of their chosen mix onto a piece of circular filter paper within a petri dish.

Once the chosen mix of liquids has been placed onto the filter paper the separating process is activated by adding drops of water to the paper. The lid is then placed onto the dish and it is then displayed on the wall of the gallery. The artwork evolves over the duration of the event and visitors are encouraged to monitor the progress of their creation.