A set designed to coincide with his album launch tour and festival circuit. Muscles, the one man music making machine, gave us free reign in designing his new stage show.

Working closely with him to understand the man behind the keyboards, the show focuses on the notion of the alter-ego. Rather than simply a set/installation design we devised a series of interactive 'prop's which act as extensions of his character.

A pair of oversized blue mirrored glasses complete with illuminated giant 'M' open the set

Then the party 'brain', an oversized pink acrylic helmet with integrated lighting design and electronic controls, which shoots beams of light into the crowd. The bespoke lighting components developed in collaboration with Bluebottle lighting designers and are operated by the artist himself during his performance to suit the mood of the crowd.

Self contained in his own world, a mirrored icosahedron which he titled the 'sexahedron', complete with coloured mirrors to each surface and lit from within increase the scale and presence of the set for the finale.

The collective set is designed to represent the personification of the complex and creative mind that is 'Muscles' himself.