Noodle Pavilions

Edwards Moore were asked to design a space for outdoor dining as part of the Sydney & Melbourne Noodle markets. This enclosure had to provide spectacle and an informal exclusivity and ambiance for the digital subscribers to Fairfax Media’s Sydney Morning Herald. Being an evening event there it became evident that the design had  to be allowed to be amplified by lighting.

The design is comprised of four pavilions arranged in a radial formation on the site. Each pavilion provides an intimate dining space for up to 12 people. The decision to use the bamboo came in one of the initial concept sketches and subsequent model, which drew inspiration from the formation of chopsticks. When in hand, the chopsticks’ tension, fanning motion and extension of the hand; and  a tool to eat with. Bamboo was a material that fitted the themes we were reckoning with and allowed a connectivity and pliancy that wasn’t possible with timber or steel.




Photographer: Fraser Marsden