Raining Diamonds

Edwards Moore were commissioned by Krozm film directors to design and construct the set for their Ricki Lee music video clip. Their brief was to create a 'diamond throne' which would not only be for her to sit but also act as a backdrop for the clip. Our response to the brief was to develop a fractalised 'diamond' landscape. The landscape was designed to radiate from the centre of the space, a warehouse in Melbourne's docklands, and culminate in the 'throne' which was accentuated by the use of programmable LED light sticks. The landscape was then lit to varying degrees to produce the sense of depth and perspective within the set.

The structure was built within a day by the Edwards Moore studio team and Exit films production team and was erected using pine battens and 2 way stretch white cotton. The radial effect was created by installing rope from the central point to the warehouse perimeter, allowing the elements to be mounted to the ropes and enhance the radial nature of the set design. Upon completion of the clip the set was then used by a projection artist as an installation piece prior to being dismantled. The minimal use of material meant there was little waste created and all lighting elements were hired. The environmental impact of the overall project was minimised through the design approach, as well as ensuring the clip could be shot on location in Melbourne, which minimised a significant amount of air travel which would have been required of the production team.


Photographer: Krozm