5 by Edwards Moore

5 documents the works from the first five years in practice of Edwards Moore. The projects included span from the small, self-initiated to proposals for larger scale buildings and competitions. There are purposefully few finished project photographs included. Instead images of the workings behind them such as models, prototypes and works in progress aim to show the reality of the working process and the studio's conceptual thinking and research.

The projects are arranged in an overall timeline running through the book with the most recent at the beginning. Each is documented to include information on fees, duration of project and whether built (by a contractor), self-built (by Edwards Moore) or un-realised.

Within the timeline are yearly summaries of the studio's financials. A graphical summary of the profit, overheads and fees. Additional information aims to quantify the degree of innovation involved in each project and to visually represent the yearly output of the studio in terms of time spent and distance travelled.

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