The Waterline - Point Grey Lorne

Our winning entry in collaboration with Searle x Waldron Architecture and Bush Projects for the point Grey Redevelopment, Lorne.

We are now working with the Great Ocean Road Committee and the Lorne community to realise the project. Construction is scheduled to commence early 2019

“Our story for Point Grey has both Aboriginal and European story intertwined, interconnected, complementary and inseparable. Through our telling, we bring integrity to and honouring of the Land, recognition of the custodial stewardship of the Gadubanud who nurtured and cherished this place for seasons untold; and a truth telling of an inclusive and integrated story of Place.
Point Grey is a vast midden site, a testament to these past uses. It provides a deeply embedded foundation for the continuing activities of today and into the future as a place where families and community gather, to spend time, to share and enjoy. Our Proposal, Waterline perpetuates this place as a shared place of family, community, celebrations, of traditions, of telling stories and listening around the oven/campfire.”

Vicki Couzens

A sculptural roof hovers over a gathering of small, program specific, structures. The internal amenity is defined by the undulating form of the roof which rises and falls to create pockets of intimacy within a larger shell. The interstitial spaces themselves create the interior agenda. A sense of enclosure and exposure varies throughout the internal spaces. Visitors remain connected to the elements visually or tangibly cognizant of the passage of time, season, tide.  The ground plane continues uninterrupted through the building.  A generous sheltered external courtyard at the building entry accommodates a large communal wood fired oven. Envisioned as a gathering space for families, community and visitors it is an offering of a warm hearth and smoking chimney as a beacon of welcome and inclusivity throughout the year.

Independent and self contained the Anglers club is located in a building designed to be both independent yet connected, adopting a common language of materiality.
The broader public realm of the precinct continues onto the Amphitheatre steps, providing a unique vantage point over the main building and out to the horizon. This extension of the public space increases the diversity of opportunities for congregating. The social spaces and community rooms are designed to have maximum outlook and connectivity to the pier and ocean.