Flinders Street Station Design Competition

This design proposal establishes a new city precinct based on the proliferation of pedestrian experience.

A three dimensional public space located at the tributary of many of Melbourne's most iconic attractions. Offering a variety of programs, at a variety of scales, bringing life to the entirety of the site.

The low level, undulating surfaces melt seamlessly into the Melbourne's existing urban grain, whilst the elevation of the pedestrian creates an entirely new and exciting outlook that celebrates the Yarra River and its surrounds.

The scheme activates the existing opportunities offered by the site constraints. An array of small scale gestures tie the response together into a unifying architectural language that operates with a clarity and overarching logic without necessity for grand gesture.

The existing heritage structures, which over the years have become suffocated through inaccessibility, are invigorated through the installation of an elevated circulation route to the length of the existing south facade.

New access points established within the buildings existing fenestrations ensure the buildings are not only retained as a visual anchor to the stations history, but are actively involved in the redefinition of its future, through improved administration and public spaces as well as the reinstatement of the buildings grand interiors, the buildings will once again become a premier destination in their own right.

The transport program is integrated into the experiential nature of the scheme through permeability and visual connection, creating a relationship between pedestrian and passenger. The Yarra River is addressed on a variety of levels and from all vantage points to ensure its dialogue with pedestrian, passenger and observer alike.

The scheme is not only sympathetic to its host city; it actively encourages the evolution of its surroundings.