Edwards Moore were the winners of the Design for an Active City competition, which asked for urban design proposals to transform a section of Melbourne's Collins Street Bridge.

A gentle application of materials that will manipulate the visual experience of the pedestrian. Frameless coloured fins slot naturally into place between the existing yellow fins- the rectilinear addition complementing and contrasting the existing circular elements. The resulting simple, clean and effortless aesthetic is one of minimal and seamless intervention. Responding directly to the changes in light, shade and shadow to cast a seductive array of coloured light onto the pavement, and the pedestrians themselves. Step by step through this vibrant yet subtle rainbow gradation, pedestrians look out to the technicoloured landscape beyond: onto a coloured and emotional city. It is a dynamic interaction with a non-tangible aesthetic that is both poetic and emotive and constantly changing. It is a kaleidoscopic event: providing an opportunity for spontaneous delight in an otherwise rigorous routine, providing a moment of release and a touch of tenderness in this harsh industrial environment. Fuelling the imagination of the pedestrian and providing the catalyst for daydreaming and playfulness. The spirited and energetic colours a sharp contrast to the undressed urban landscape, whilst the minimal nature of the intervention restrains for enforcing a physical response- activating the individual's interpretation and evoking a freedom of spirit.


Photographer: Peter Bennetts