Adelaide Creative Hub

Our design competition entry for a new Creative Hub in central Adelaide.
Located between the heritage GPO precinct and the modernist commercial towers which dwarf the site our proposal inserts a new dynamic which responds to the rigidity of the context with a fluid + dynamic building designed to facilitate a flexible program of use.

A new elevated urban square which gently separates the public realm from the topography of the typical streetscape and encourages an alternative view of city. 
Beneath the elevated public space is a community hub, designed to interact with the human scale of the rear laneways and encourage the socialization of the spaces away from the traffic and traditional scale of the commercial street scape.  The intimate social spaces act as an interface between the new structure and the existing GPO precinct heritage fabric. The existing building acts as a backdrop to a series of new laneways and circulation spaces. A contemporary nod to the old town.

Overall it is a building that, at its most ambitious, proposes to inspire awe and excitement. To engage with its surroundings in a way that shifts the occupant into a new dimension and removes them from the everyday typologies of the city landscape and demands the city be observed from a previously unseen perspective.

At its least active, it remains a space which offers new public realm and refuge. Supports community interaction and demands intrigue and anticipation.